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Corporate Responsibility

Together with sustainability and good governance, commitment to corporate responsibility is an important component of good corporate citizenship.  Corporate responsibility has always been an integral part of our sustainability development and it is a crucial element in the way Lafarge Malaysia conducts its business.


We continue to play a significant role in fostering the well-being of the communities wherever our operations are located through education, voluntarism, social unity and sustainable community development. 


We strive to make a lasting impact on our communities to bring long-term benefits to the surrounding areas of our operations.  This is achieved through various actions, programmes and partnerships with our employees, communities, shareholders and other stakeholders. 

Sustainability within ARMS' Reach

Together with The Andaman Resort, University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and the local community, Lafarge Malaysia created an Artificial Reef Module System (ARMS) for deployment around Datai Bay, Langkawi on 8 June 2013 on which World Oceans Day was celebrated.


The purpose of ARMS project was to deploy artificial reef modules to assist the regeneration of the 8,000-year-old fringing coral reefs around the island, which have been on a decline in recent years, especially in light of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami occurrences in the region.


Created by a Consultant Marine Biologist at The Andaman, in partnership with a Reef Ecologist and Junior Lecturer at UKM, the innovative design was tailor-made to suit the unique nature of the existing coral reef fish species in Datai Bay.


Using Lafarge Malaysia materials in their construction, the reef modules created a platform for sustaining the underwater eco-system while preserving the biodiversity of the island's marine species, ultimately helping to boost the sustainability of the local fishery and eco-tourism industries.


Read more about ARMS ... please click the file below.

Lafarge and Local Communities

Watch few examples, in images, of the actions led by Lafarge in communities around the world...


A True Learning Experience

Lafarge Malaysia was one of the co-sponsors of the Iskandar Learning Festival (ILF) 2013, a community-led event aimed at providing access to world-class learning and development content to spark the change in attitude in the pursuit of human capital excellence.


Through various talks, seminars, workshops and a vibrant forum held from 7 to 13 October 2013 at the Berjaya Waterfront Hotel and the Iskandar Malaysia Information Centre in Johor, the ILF 2013 also promoted the importance of continuous learning and global understanding through cross-cultural and inter-generational exchanges. Lafarge Malaysia was on hand to share our experience, expertise and best practices in the areas of Health, Safety and Environment, all top priorities within the organisation.

On a separate note, but still in line with our focus on education, we continued to expand on our Schools Project. Launched in 1997, the initiative now spans over 34 schools around Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Johor, with more than 3,500 students having benefitted from it over the past 16 years.


The Schools Project is primarily concerned with giving out bursaries to students who are in need of financial aid and monetary rewards to deserving students who demonstrate excellent academic achievements in major exams held in Malaysia.


In 2013, more than 190 students received Lafarge Malaysia's Bursary Awards and 90 students were awarded Lafarge Malaysia's Excellence Awards. 

Drilling Home Health & Safety

Health and Safety (H&S) is a top priority at Lafarge Malaysia. Our emphasis on H&S extends throughout our supply chain to also pedestrians and the general public. It is with this in mind that we have, since 2012, organised emergency response drills based on various scenarios, held at different locations around the country to share our best practices and learnings with our stakeholders.


On 12 September 2013, we worked alongside 12 government agencies, namely the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, the Royal Malaysian Police, the Malaysian Road Transport Department, Land Public Transport Commission, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, Road Safety Department of Malaysia, Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital, Department of Environment, Shah Alam City Council, Public Works Department and the Malaysian Civil Defence Department, to conduct a real-time emergency response drill on Jalan Monfort in Shah Alam. We simulated an accident involving four vehicles which resulted in the spillage of pulverised fuel ash and victims suffering from "major injuries".


This mock drill was designed to gauge the effectiveness of all communication channels during a crisis, as well as the state of preparedness and responsiveness of responders and their capabilities in using real equipment and specific skills, including the involvement of members of the community should a real situation arise. 

Compassion for the Community

At Lafarge Malaysia, we want to make a real difference and bring positive, sustainable change to the communities where we operate our business. Some of the community programmes held across Malaysia in 2013 include:

Festive Celebrations

To support and appreciate our stakeholders, the employees of Lafarge Malaysia took the opportunity to celebrate some of the major festivals observed in Malaysia with local communities and authorities. Activities organised by our employees at the plants included "Berbuka Puasa" or breaking of fast, as well as celebrating Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali.


These festive get-togethers provided our employees with an avenue to get to know the authorities and local communities better while also enabling them to strengthen ties. Here are some examples of festive celebrations carried out at the various locations:


Together with the Village Security and Development Committee (JKKP) of Kanthan Baru, the employees of Kanthan Plant visited the residents of Kanthan Baru in conjunction with the celebration of Chinese New Year. The visit brought joy and hope to more than 40 residents who were in need of financial aid. Besides presenting ang pows, goodie bags were also given to them.


During the Bulan Puasa and Hari Raya period, our employees at Langkawi Plant packed and distributed more than 50 goodie bags consisting of food items for the single mothers, in collaboration with the office of YB Hj Mohd Rawi, the ADUN of Ayer Hangat, Langkawi. An additional 100 goodie bags were also distributed to the families living in Teluk Yu and Kampung Teluk Ewa, Langkawi. To celebrate "Hari Raya", an "Open House Day" was held on 17 August 2013 at the housing area around the Langkawi Plan, attended by our employees and their families, YB Hj Mohd Rawi, our stakeholders living in nearby areas, our contractors and members of the local authorities our employees.


Our operations at Tanjung Bin held a "Berbuka Puasa" on 30 July 2013 with the village heads, the local authorities from the Fire Department, the Police Department and teachers together with our employees from Pasir Gudang Plant and the Head Office. At the same time, our employees at our Rawang Plant organised a Hari Raya Aidilfitri dinner to bring some festive cheer to the children of Rumah Bakti Cahaya Hati, Rumah Amal Baitul Fitrah, Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Kampung Kenanga Rawang and Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Batu Arang as well as the local community.


In conjunction with Deepavali, our employees at Kanthan Plant invited the community from Taman Dovenby and Kampung Ramasamy to a tea party held at the Plant. To add some merriment to the lives of these families, at the tea party, we gave out cash and goodie bags to more than 15 families.


"Gotong Royong"

Langkawi Plant initiated the idea of a "gotong-royong" session with the Department of Irrigation and Drainage in Langkawi to clean up the river at Teluk Yu in April 2013. This measure was to prevent floods from occurring at the nearby Teluk Yu village. Armed with brooms and bags, our employees and the representatives from the Irrigation and Drainage Department rolled up their sleeves and pants to clean up the river of debris and rubbish.

Education Aid

Education is key to knowledge. We believe that education plays an important role that shapes our lives. Our employees from Kanthan Plant took it upon themselves to purchase books and presented them to the Primary Six students of SRKJ (T) Ladang Dovenby as a means to assist them in their preparation for their examinations. Words of encouragement for them to excel in their studies were also offered.

Fostering Greater Ties with the Community

Lafarge Malaysia built a football field for the community of Kg Ewa, Langkawi to carry out sports and recreational activities. The football field was built with the intended use of having friendly football matches and sports activities with the community. On 30 March 2013, the football field was launched by YB Haji Mohd Rawi, the ADUN of Ayer Hangat, and in conjunction with the launch, a telematch with the community was organised to mark the occasion.


At Lafarge Malaysia, every employee is encouraged to achieve at least four hours a year of volunteering work to contribute to the Group's ambition of 1 million volunteer hours per year by 2020.

"Gotong Royong" at Octogenarian's Home


On 25 January 2014, more than 30 employees from Kanthan Plant rolled up their sleeves for a "gotong royong" or communal work at an octogenarian home to spruce the wooden house by giving it a new coat of paint, repairing the broken windows and flooring, cutting the grass and cleaning up the drains and the surrounding area in time to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Mangrove Clean-up at Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Langkawi

The Kilim Karst Geoforest Park features breath taking landscapes of nearly vertical karstic hills with pinnacles of various shapes and sizes.


On 15 March 2014, about 19 employees from Langkawi Plant spent their weekend participating in the mangrove clean-up project at Kilim Karst Geoforest Park together with the local authorities and communities.  

Planting Trees and Flowers at National Zoo, Malaysia

In conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China, two pandas from China will be loaned to Malaysia for 10 years. The pandas arrived in Malaysia on 21 May 2014 and they will be housed at the National Zoo. A Panda Exhibition Auditorium was built for the pandas and also for the general public to visit. Our employees from Head Office and Rawang Plant helped to plant trees and flowers near the Panda Exhibition Auditorium on 7 April 2014.

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Lafarge Malaysia achieves more than 100 million km travelled without fatality and LTI

An achievement which is equivalent to circling the globe over 2,500 times without fatality and lost time injury.

On 31 August 2014, Lafarge Malaysia achieved more than 100 million km travelled without fatality and lost time injury.  This achievement was made possible through the support and efforts of our drivers, transporters and our employees.  


Safety at Lafarge Malaysia

Safety All Round

Whenever you visit any Lafarge Malaysia's plant, you cannot miss the strong message emphasising on Safety.  It starts with the safety induction centre which you have to go through before entering the site.  The safety induction centre is used to train newly hired personnel as well as contractors, employees or visitors on the various aspects of safety such as Working at Height, Personal Protective Equipment, Working in Confined Space and others. 


For more information on our safety induction centre, please click on

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